PeopleSoft problems affected multiple systems including Moodle and Wireless access

The PeopleSoft issue that affected multiple systems including Moodle and wireless access is nearly resolved.  We are restoring systems as quickly as possible.  Email notifications to the community were severely delayed as the list-serve system was also impacted.  ITS will follow up with an update this afternoon.

Cisco AnyConnect VPN (Mac OS X 10.5 and below)

Below are instructions for setting up VPN connectivity if you are using Mac OS X 10.5 “Leopard” or below.

(If you are using Mac OS X 10.6 “Snow Leopard” or above, use these instructions instead. How do you know? On your Mac, click the Apple menu in the upper-left, and select “About This Mac”)


You can download the Cisco VPN IPSec installer here.


Double-click on the .dmg file after download, and then double-click on the vpn.pkg installer file in the resulting window, and follow the installation prompts.


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Setting up Gmail: Android

A Guide for Syncing your Wesleyan Email with an Android Phone

1)  If you haven’t done so already, download the Gmail app from the Google Play marketplace. Skip to step four.   If you already have a different Gmail account synced on your phone, go to step two.

2) Launch Gmail and press the menu button on your phone. The settings options should appear on your screen. It will look similar to the picture below. Tap on ‘settings.’


3)  In the settings menu, tap on the ‘ADD ACCOUNT’ button.


4) Sign in by using your full Wesleyan email in the ’email’ field and email password in the ‘password’ field.





Setting up Gmail: iPhone and iPad

How to setup Gmail on your iPhone/iPad:

* This is only if your Wesleyan Email is through Google Mail. If you are using WebMail, this will not work for you *

 Find your Settings App on your Homescreen of your iPhone/iPad.  Once there, you should see a screen like this: 

Scroll down and choose Mail, Contacts, Calendars 

Go to Add Account… and you should be given a list of choices of email account types.  

Choose Gmail.  Enter your First and Last name in the Name Field. Enter your full Wesleyan email and password in the Email and Password Fields.  In the Description Field, you can name this anything you like to help identify that it is your Wesleyan Email.

Once you’ve entered your information, choose Next at the top right. Your iPhone/iPad will Verify your settings and should immediately setup your Wesleyan Gmail Account. If any errors popup, try entering your username and password again.

If you are still having issues, please call us at x4000.

Windows 8 Wireless Issue

Hello Windows 8 users,

Unfortunately there is an issue with the new Windows 8 OS and connecting to WPA2 encrypted wireless networks (wesstudent and wesfacstaff).  While this issue is being resolved, either connect to the wesguest wireless network or use the wired network via ethernet.  We will update you as soon as this issue is resolved.

In the meantime, if you have any questions come in to the ITS Student Helpdesk (Exley 116) or gives us a call at (860) 685-4000.