To access accounts on the various Wesleyan servers, you will be prompted for a username and password. Your username is initially assigned to you, and is the same for all systems.


You should change your password to something secure that you will remember. You should have different passwords on each system.

A secure password is not an entire word, is 6-8 characters, has mixed upper and lower case letters and contains at least one non-alphabetic character. You can change your password through either the IMP or PINE email clients.

The most secure password is a string of unique words that cannot be guessed easily.

Password Resets

If you need a password reset you must come into Helpdesk with your WesID card. You may also contact Helpdesk with any questions you have about changing your password.

Yearly password changes are required for everyone.  You will receive several email notifications regarding the deadline for this change.

Editing Your Wireless Profile after a Password Change

Getting on Wireless (Wesstudent or Wesfacstaff) after Password Change
Mac Guide

1. Determine what version of OS X you are running by clicking on the Apple in the top left corner and choosing About This Mac.

2. If it says 10.7 or 10.8 under Version, follow steps 3-6. If it says 10.6 follow steps 7-11.

For Mac OS X Lion & Mountain Lion (10.7 and 10.8)
3. Click on Wireless and select Open Network Preferences at the bottom of the pull down menu.

4. Click Turn Wi-Fi Off, then click on Advanced

5. Click on Wi-Fi and under Preferred Networks locate Wesstudent (or Wesfacstaff) . Then click the minus button next to it and hit OK.

6. Turn Wi-Fi back on, and select Wesstudent (or Wesfacstafff). You will be prompted for username and password. This is where you can enter your Wesleyan Username and new password. You should now be connected!

For Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6)
7. If you are running 10.6, click on the wifi icon and select Network Preferences.

8. Click “Turn Airport Off” then click on Advanced.

9. Under Airport, delete Wesstudent (or Wesfacstaff) by selecting the network and pressing the minus symbol, then click on the 802.1X tab.

10. Under 802.1X, delete any profiles on the left side for Wesstudent (or Wesfacstaff) by selecting them and pressing the minus symbol. Then, press the plus symbol and create a new profile. Make sure the settings match the screen below (including EAP-FAST is selected) and click OK.

11. Select Wesstudent or Wesfacstaff to connect to and you will be connected to the network.