Wesleyan’s New Network

To access step by step instructions on how to set up authentication for wesstudent wireless so you will not have to log in to access the internet you can use the wesguest connection. Select the wesguest wireless signal from your wireless symbol on your menu bar.  Use the password w1831. This is connection has bandwidth restricted access intended for guests and therefore is not recommended for normal student use.

Using this or another connection, access the instructions for your computer OS (operating system: Windows 7, Mac 10.6, etc.)


Students should connect to wesstudent.

Student accounts cannot use wesfacstaff, nor faculty/staff accounts use wesstudent.

Wireless vs. Ethernet

Wireless coverage is fairly universal, although some areas in dorms may experience weaker coverage. Therefore we highly recommend purchasing an Ethernet cord for $10.69, which is sold at Helpdesk, or at the Cardinal Technology Center in Usdan. The Ethernet cord will receive a higher level of bandwidth (download/upload capacity) than the wireless as well as provide unfailing access to the internet. In your room you should find as many Ethernet ports as there are students; they are the orange outlets usually surrounded by white outlets (phone jacks) and a cable jack. If you are unable to access the internet while the Ethernet is plugged into the correct outlet and your computer after following the steps below, please contact us at Helpdesk (see About Us).